YOLI: The Next Global Leader in Network Marketing

If you want to earn an additional income, you have probably heard of multi-level marketing business. Basically, it involves selling a product, at the same time recruit others to sell the products. Multi-level marketing comes into play when you receive commissions from the sales of your recruits. When many people work under you, you will earn more. Since, MLM involves recruiting people, it is very important to consider the products of the company to have a smooth movement.

Founded by six veteran entrepreneurs, Yoli  is a credible MLM company with a strong business opportunity. The company is composed of a solid team, with generous compensation plans and great products. Empowering people to live each day to the fullest, as well as allowing them to experience good health, and unlimited financial freedom are the missions of the company. Being a new business in the MLM industry, Yoli is definitely perfect, because you can easily increase your chance of being a successful entrepreneur.

What Does Yoli Offer?

Yoli is a networking company embracing healthy drinks, which are rich of nutritional value. The company offers only 100% organic and chemical-free products, advocating a healthy living. The added advantage of Yoli is the way they packed their products using blast cap technology. Through this technology, the nutritional value of the drinks is preserved. In other words, the minerals, vitamins, and the rest of their natural ingredients are remain intact.

Yoli Blast is the flagship model of the company. It consists of two kinds, namely Yoli Fun and Yoli Truth. Yoli Fun reduces the body’s acid content, while the Yoli Truth is blended with fine fruits, and is rich in antioxidants. Another promising product of Yoli is Alkalete, which alkalizes the body to reduce stress and inflammation.

 How Do You Attain Success With Yoli?

To start your Yoli business, you need to pay $329. After paying, you will get your starter kit. There are 3 packages of Yoli, first is the basic package amounting $59, the second is a Biz Package amounting $119, and the most popular Pro Package amounting $239. Among the three packages available, you are required to pick and purchase one.

Being a promising company, Yoli boasts a generous compensation plan, because it blends well with binary and uni-level component structures. When distributors get sales, and recruit new people, they will always get their commissions. Yoli also offers vast bonuses, and rewards for top producers and distributors. The rewards and the bonus pool of the company motivate the distributors to give their best, and achieve victory.


Start Your Business Today

Just like Yoli, a good and successful MLM company has a mission,  vision and philosophy of reaching greater heights, not only for the company, but also for the people involved in the business, such as the distributors and associates. If you want to enjoy the pleasure towards the excellency, competency, and brilliancy in the business, visit http://thailand.livetofit.com/. They managed to get involved in various marketing activities all for the good of humanity.






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